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Installing a Sway Bar is one of the best investments in handling that you can make! A sway bar links the right side and left side of the car, acting as a torsional spring to resist body roll and keep the tires planted during launches. Muscle car engineers used small, weak sway bars - and sometimes even no sway bar at all - in muscle car suspension because the vehicles were limited by the capability of the era's tires.

PST has a full line of G-MAX® Sway Bars to choose from for many different vehicles. G-MAX® Sway Bars are built from solid steel for superior performance and handling. They are a great upgrade over your stock setup.

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Sway Bars, Gmax Solid Type, Pro Touring Hollow Sway Bars

Today we’ll be discussing our sway bars. We have two lines of sway bars here we have our GMAX, solid type sway bar as well as our pro-touring style which is a hallow type sway bar.

PST Sway Bars

We will be discussing our sway bars, we have two lines of sway bar here we have our G-Max solid type sway bar as well as our pro touring style which is hollow type sway bar.