About PST

Performance Suspension Technology (PST) is an industry leader in providing durable, long lasting, and quality performance parts to enhance American built muscle cars and trucks since 1984.

Making Your Project a Reality

PST offers an array of performance parts for Mopar, GM, and Fords. What do you get with a combination of PST road grabbing suspension parts and aggressive stopping brake conversion kits? You have a car that has the handling qualities of the finest pro-touring vehicle, the traction of a performance drag car, and the stopping power to make the most unwieldy car tame. We have the parts you need, when you need them, and the staff that can steer you in the right direction to make your project a reality.

Exclusive Polygraphite®

PST perfected polyurethane with the introduction of POLYGRAPHITE® - a special formula incorporating a low-friction graphite lubricant into the actual bushing material. With POLYGRAPHITE®, you get the near-zero deflection performance of polyurethane with a self-lubricating bushing. As an added benefit, POLYGRAPHITE® is impervious to grease, oil, weather, and other natural elements and will never dry rot.