Hi I’m James of PST, the muscle car experts. Today I’m here to talk to you about our Mopar lower control arm rebuilding kits for Mopar’s A-bodies, B-bodies and E-bodies. Today I’ll be showing you the various parts that go into our rebuilding kits. All these parts can be purchase individually as well as in one of our kits. What we have here is our pivot shafts for the Mopar for A, B and E bodies this pivot shafts we offer in OEM steel or in this case our grease-able pivot shafts.

Our grease-able pivot shafts come with our polygraphite bushings, as well as the internal shell that is installed in lower control arm. Part of the lower control arm rebuilding kit also includes our stiffening plates. The stiffening plate is key to reducing flex in the lower control arms of the A, B and E body Mopar’s as it has become an inherent problem over many years of use as they loosen up.

Also included are the torsion bar adjusters. Torsion bar adjusters are key to raising and lowering and affecting the performance and overall ride quality of you’re A, B or E body Mopar. It is important to either replace or thoroughly clean your adjusters when rebuilding the lower control arms of your Mopar as they will build up with dirt, grease and rust and make it hard to either adjust or even seize or break. Here is what your standard Mopar lower control arm looks like as you’ll see this one’s been sandblasted and clean of dirt and grease. It is a very easy upgrade to do yourself, if you have some welding skills or you can have a local shop weld them up for you, the key is stiffening up the lower control arm. As you can see this lower control arm is held together with some rivets and over time you will see that these two halves will spread and your anchor port to your torsion will then become loose.

The key is to tighten this back up. That can easily be done with our rebuilding kit which includes the stiffening plates. The stiffening plates are very easy to install, you’re going to install them on the bottom side of your control arms so in this case this is your control arm when it’s installed in the vehicle, this is the bottom side of it this is welded into place making sure that you leave room so that your adjuster is able to be accessed with a socket, you then in turn weld this piece on making sure that this is tightened back up prior to welding, this is the key to re stiffening your lower key control arm. Part of our kit is also the pivot shafts, which we supply the sleeves, the sleeves gets pressed back into the control arm then installs your polygraphite bushing and then in turn you then install the grease-able pivot shafts or if you want to stay OEM we provide standard steel pivot shafts and rubber bushings.

All these parts come in our kit like I said or they can be purchased individually, this is the best way to stiffen up and add performance to your older muscle car and bring it back to the way that it should handle as it did when it was brand new.

If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about our product please visit our website P-S-T.com or you can all our sales line at 1-800-247-2288.