James with P-S-T here. Today we are talking about MOPAR lower control arm stiffening plates the A, B and E body. Here I have an example of many other parts that we actually do supply here at P-S-T. As you can see I have tubular upper control arms, our adjustable strut rods, this brake conversion kits as well as what we’re here to talk about today which is our lower control arms stiffening plates, adjusters and greasable pivot shafts all include in our lower control arm rebuilding kit. Over the years you will see that your lower control arm will loosen up as there are only two rivets ultimately holding this together at this point. Over years of use the key for your torsion bar will loosen up.

To solve that problem and regain that strength and make it better than new is to install one of our stiffening plates on the lower half of your control arm. As you can see on the suspension that we have here I have taken the time and we have installed one of these on the bottom of this lower control arm greatly reducing the amount of looseness in the key portion of the lower control arm and in turn stiffening and bringing back this lower control arm to its original state. Also included in the lower control arm rebuilding kit is a new torsion bar adjusters. This torsion bar adjusters are made to look exactly like OEM fit and function perfectly.

Many times over the years when you try to adjust this adjusters they will either snap or strip, so it’s best to replace this when rebuilding your lower control arm. Also included in our kit is our pivot shafts, the pivot shafts you can buy or purchase in a kit as a greasable as seen in this one or a non greasable or your OEM type. When you take all these parts and put them together you create a stiffer and overall more performance oriented lower control arm which is key to bringing the drivability and response part of your MOPAR.

For about the products that you’ve seen today, Please call us at 1-800-247-2288 or visit us on our website at P-S-T.com, we look forward to answering any of your questions about MOPAR, GM or Ford disc brake conversion kits.

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