Hi James of P-S-T here, today well be talking about PST’s brake conversion kits. We offer a variety of display conversion kits for your GM Ford MOPARs. For example, here on my right is our MOPAR Disc brake conversion kit. This brake conversion kit will work for many of your popular A, B and E body MOPARs. We offer this kit with drilled and slotted rotors as seen here as well as standard plain rotors. This kit is a must have for anybody who is looking for performance stopping on their MOPAR muscle car. Kits include the rotor, the bearings, the spindle as well as the calipers, brackets necessary hoses and depending on if you have manual or power breaks a master cylinder as well and booster. Also offered in this kit as an upgrade is are MOPAR drop spindles many people love this MOPAR drop spindles as they are looking for the lower aggressive stance without sacrificing ride quality or geometry of the front end of the car. In many cases we will upgrade customers to this design as it’s the best way to lower car without sacrificing overall handling.

Next we have here is GM style disc brake conversion kit. This will be used on many of popular GM’s starting in 1964 for your GM A-Body’s which are your Chevelles your GTO’s, Le Mans , Tempest as well as any of your GM A-Body platforms. We also offer this for your F-Body platforms as well as your X- Body which is your Camaros, Novas and Firebirds. The nice thing about this kit, again like our MOPAR kit you can get drilled and slotted rotors as well as plain, and drop spindles if you need them as well, they also come with a booster or a master depending on if you need manual or power breaks. Now in our GM kits we will be offering new this year a pre-assembled kit as you can see here this kit comes pre assembled all the bearings are packed, torque down properly, so what you see here is what you will get pre-assembled. So at that point it is the easiest installation for anybody who wants to try to do their own work.

At this point you do undo your upper and lower control arm, ball joints, remove your old spindle which include your backing plate, your drum and you install your new disc brake conversion kit by the spindles here as well as depending on your application if you have a steering arm. This is a must have like I said for anybody who is looking to upgrade their MOPAR, their GM or their FORD for better and safer stopping. Especially today with the way traffic is and the way are people around you drive; you need to have this as a safety upgrade on any muscle car to ensure your muscle car is safe as well as you and your occupants.

Over here we have what I consider the top of the line kit. This is our kit that will allow you to put modern Corvette brakes on your GM muscle car, whether be an A or F-Body or X-Body Nova. This kit will include billet, hubs, rotors and calipers. Our kits are performance oriented as well as safety as that is key to preserving your muscle car. Like I’ve said any of the style of kits here that you can see we offer boosters or masters for example this is our GM booster master combo if you want to convert your car to power. We also have the option if you like to keep it manual. The nice part about this is you can purchase our disc brake conversion kit like you see here. With the booster master combo, it comes with all the lines to install properly in your car. It’s always better to have a tandem style cylinder. So if for some reason, heaven forbid you have a wheel cylinder or caliper failure at one point in your vehicle you will still be able to stop your vehicle as this has a tandem reservoir or tandem cylinder as some people like to say. Our booster master combos come plated for longevity and years of looking flawless like this one, as well as on the cap and the casting itself. All of these kits like I said can come either pre-assembled as you see here or dissembled if you want to install and assemble the kit yourself.

For about the products that you’ve seen today, Please call us at 1-800-247-2288 or visit us on our website at P-S-T.com, we look forward to answering any of your questions about MOPAR, GM or Ford disc brake conversion kits.