James here with PST the muscle car experts. Today well be talking about our GM steering linkage kit. If you have an older restoration and it doesn’t need a full font end rebuild kit this is the kit for you. It will not only save you time and money but the performance that you’ll see from this kit is remarkable. What we have here are the basic components of our steering linkage front end kit. As you can see we supply a center link, this ties -in all other components of your vehicle to your steering wheel, also included are your inner and outer tie rod ends as well as your adjusting sleeves and idler arm in some cases as the pitman is included.

Once you combine all these parts it will tighten up the front end of your vehicle so the steering will not feel loose as that is probably the symptoms of what you’re feeling at this point. All these parts are made to meet or exceed OEM standard and are backed by our lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. A popular upgrade is to go to our billet aluminum adjusting sleeves or our steel sleeves.

I recommend the steel if you are not worried about weight savings. They’re both very good products, they’re strong, durable and will not allow the flex that you commonly see in you OEM style stamp steel adjusting sleeves.

If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about our product please visit our website P-S-T.com or you can all our sales line at 1-800-247-2288.