Hi James here with performance suspension technology. Today we will be talking about our Mopar adjustable strut rods. We have these available for you’re A,B and E body Mopars. The nice thing about the adjustable strut rods are if you have some minor alignment issues in which you are trying to achieve a certain spec you will have the capability with this adjustable strut rods. The other important part about our adjustable strut rods are the fluid motion that they allow through the range of motion on your Mopar. As you can see here I have one installed in this lower control arm that we have, here the adjustable strut rod comes off your control arm meeting the front half of your frame in your vehicle.

As you can see here we have a heim joint here which is Teflon lined which makes a nice fluid motion up and down, back and forth which then is attached to portion where your billet mounts are which attaches it to the front frame. On your standard strut rod there would be a rod with 2 bushings. In this case I’m showing our polygraphite like bushings. In a standard strut rod you don’t have adjustment to move this portion right here in and out to move your control arm forward and back.

The nice part of this is you’re able to do that and on top of it with your standard type bushing your deflection is actually made in this motion within the rubber where as with our adjustables the heim joint moves back and forth through the range of motion through which in turn will give you a more fluid motion, comfortable ride and faster response coming in and out of curves because you’re front end on your vehicle is unloading quicker by using the heim joint on our adjustable strut rods. Like I did say this are available for A,B and E body Mopars.

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