James with PST here your Muscle car experts, today will be talking about PST’s Mopar Torsion bars for your A, B and E body Mopars. We offer a line of torsion bars starting at our .89 bar up through our 1.03”. Today I will show you is our 1.03 bar. Our 1.03 bar here is our performance oriented bar for all around improved handling, especially if you’re looking for a pro-touring type of handling or modern day, as I like to put it handling versus a little bit more of a spongy ride that you’d see with an original Mopar type torsion bar. The nice thing about these bars is there are 1.03 diameter with a 20 degree offset or clocking at either end of the bar for a nice preload. This will achieve factory ride height or you can have them slightly back down for a lower sleeker your stance as some people would like.

So in my opinion this is all around good bar if you’re looking for entry level performance that could take you to the next level down the road. As you will see here I have one example of one of our bars here installed in our lower control arm on a mock up we have. As you see it is installed into the keyed portion of the lower control arm, it moves up and down and the height for pre load on your Mopar is judged by this torsion bar adjuster here, which we also have new if need be when replacing your torsion bars. These bars are made to handle big block or small block applications and will allow your car to meet or exceed the expectations of any muscle car on the market today with this style of torsion bar.

If you have any questions about our torsion bars or would like to inquire about them please call 1800 247 2288 or visit our website P-S-T.com for further information we look forward to serving you and your muscle car needs. Thank you!

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