James here with PST the muscle car experts, today will be talking about our various lines of shock absorbers for your GM Ford and Mopar Muscle cars. What we have here s a good, better, best scenario starting here on my right is our better these are our KYB gas adjust shock. They provide superior ride quality compared to OEM at a affordable rate. The middle here we have our Bilstein shocks. Again we offer these for the Mopars, Fords and GMs and the nice part about this is it has superior valving, teflon coated piston inside for years of trouble free use. The nice thing about this system is if you’re looking for a slightly more performance oriented shock without sacrificing ride quality this is the shock that you want on your muscle car. Lastly we have here is our Viking line. These are an adjustable shock. They actually have 19 positions of compression and rebound. Billet aluminum body, stainless steel rod as well as polygraphite type bushings at the mounting points.

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