James with PST performance here the muscle car experts. Today will be talking about our Super and Standard Polygraphite and Rubber Front End Kits. For nearly 30 years now we’ve been providing the muscle car hobby with polygraphite as well as rubber OEM style front end kits. The nice thing about our polygraphite front end kits is we have a exclusive trademark on our type of bushing. It is a polyurethane bushing which is impregnated with graphite which in turn will reduce the squeaking that you commonly see with polyurethane.

Today I will be showing you a kit which is a basic GM kit, our Super kit and the parts that are in each kit. For example these are our shafts, the shafts come with a black e-coating for corrosion resistance as well as your polygraphite bushings. Next we have is our adjusting sleeves, our adjusting sleeves in the kit are a stamp steel OEM type adjusting sleeves but for you more performance oriented costumers we have our solid adjusting sleeves which you can see are much more robust, they’re solid steel, threaded exactly the same way that your standard stamp steel adjusting sleeves are but will give you less deflection through cornering and better handling. If you’re in the mood for weight savings we also offer our adjusting sleeves in billet aluminum. They still have the strength and integrity of the steel sleeves but nearly of third of the weight.

Next in our kit is our stabilize links which are anodized coated and include the polygraphite bushings. Again with the polygraphite bushings you’ll see a reduction in squeaking. Polygraphite is a very stiff compound with zero deflection that is the key to any performance handling upgrade that you would like to do on your muscle car. Next we will span to is our upper and lower ball joints. These are our OEM style ball joint that are built to meet or exceed OEM standards and quality. Again our ball joints are coded for rust resistance as well as durability. As you can see both in our upper and lower ball joints they include the snap rings to hold the boots tight so you will not get grease dirt or road grime within the deep ball joint itself.

Next we will go to our bushings these are lower control arm bushings, this kit for example is for a GM. The bushings again black coated in some cases you will receive anodized coating instead. But again this is our famous polygraphite bushing material which is graphite impregnated polyurethane for squeak free years of use. Included in our Super kit is our tie rod ends for this example I will show you our inner and outer tie rod ends and that’s included in the kit. Again nice coating to reduce corrosion over years of abuse and all of our parts is built to meet or exceed OEM standard. Also included in our Super front end kits is your idler arm again OEM type look, corrosion resistant coating and all of this parts can be easily installed in a weekend with basic hand tools for you motor heads.

Now I want to talk about our standard kit or standard kit is similar to our Super kit but a few less items. In our standard kit you will get your lower ball joints, your upper ball joints, your control arm bushings upper and lower as well as your stabilizer links and outer tie rod ends that’s what you receive in your standard kit and in some cases you will also receive your control arm bumpers. The main difference between our Super Standard and Standard kit is the best value for any restoration. In our Super kit it also includes shafts, the adjusting sleeves, your inner tie rod ends and your idler arms.

If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about our product please visit our website P-S-T.com or you can all our sales line at 1-800-247-2288.