James here with PST: the muscle car experts. Today we’ll be discussing our sway bars. We have two lines of sway bars here we have our GMAX, solid type sway bar as well as our pro-touring style which is a hallow type sway bar. Both types of sway bars will greatly enhance the feel of the road as well as eliminating the wallow effect that you feel with your OEM type bar. This example here is one example of our solid type bars. As you’ll see it is a spring steel type construction with a nice hammer tone finish.

In front of here is our pro-touring style. As you can see this is a rear bar, we have three points of adjustments so if you’re going to the track one day and you want a little more stiff and less body roll you can change your position and on your ride home you can change one of the others for a more comfortable ride.

With our pro-touring style being hallow you are about one third the weight of the solid so this bar is more set towards our pro-touring type customers or race ready customers. Whereas our solid steel bars are ideal for someone’s looking for performance without breaking the bank. Both styles are available in front or rear applications for your GM, Ford or Mopar.

If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about our product please visit our website P-S-T.com or you can all our sales line at 1-800-247-2288.