James with PST here, today we are going to be talking about our Mopar upper control arms. We offer three lines of upper control arms for the A, B and E body Mopars. First which I like to call good in our good- better -best type series is our original stamp OE style upper control arms. Now if you’re doing a standard restoration and you want your car to look original this is the best way to go. Many times these type of control arms suffer from rust and thinning out in this area of the upper control arm at that point it is best to replace the upper control arm. Here at PST we offer these control arms for the A,B and E body Mopar’s. When you receive our control arm it will come with the ball joint already installed as well as the upper control arm bushings. Another prone problem that this Mopar’s will have overtime is the upper ball joint Mopar’s specifically in the A, B and E bodies are threaded into place and over time and over years of changing out ball joints the threads will wear and there’s a possibility of the upper ball joint popping out. At that point you really don’t have many options but to replace the upper control arm. In this case we have this type ready to go bolt-in so there’s no need to have to have special tools to install the upper control arms bushings or thread in the upper ball joints as they are already come pre- installed ready to be bolted into your Mopar.

Next we have which is one of my favorite is the tubular control arms now this is a tubular control arm. We have engineered and improved the caster and camber settings on this upper control arm. We have also made this portion of the control arm thicker to increase the surface area around the threaded portion of the upper ball joint as Mopars can be prone to upper ball joints stripping or popping out of the control arm, so what we did is we made the surface area larger. With this type of set up we also included Delrin type bushings which add fluid motion up and down and years of lasting performance without needing any replacements or rebuilding. I like this one as it’s very cost friendly but it also enhances the geometry of the front end of your Mopar. We’ve gone one step further than Mopar did back in the early 60’s back to mid 70’s.

Next is our top of the line adjustable tubular arms. These arms are similar to our fixed arms but allow for adjustment to your caster from 0 to 10 positive degrees. The other thing that I do like is the hind joints that we used, which are Teflon lined for fluid motion up and down so you’ll have that nice performance ride quality but that is not too harsh like what you’d see in true race applications. Again this type of control arm we have also made a thicker portion for the upper ball joint to reduce any possibilities of stripping of the ball joint under load.

If you have any questions about any products that you’ve seen today please feel free to contact at P-S-T.com or call one of our sales staff at 1-800-247-2288 were here to serve you from 8 to 5 Eastern Standard Time. We look forward to taking any and all of your questions concerning all Mopar upper control arm for the A,B and E body Mopar’s.