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Suspension - Shocks

Give your car the handling advantages of new high performance gas-charged KYB® Shock Absorbers! Factory installed shocks are often simply the least expensive units that were available at the time the car was built, and are not up to the task of controlling the suspension during spirited driving. Old, worn shocks are even less effective. These famous KYB® Shocks are the highest quality and we are pleased to be able to offer them to you at extremely attractive prices.

Push your muscle car into super car territory with our new line of Bilstein® High Performance Shock Absorbers! These shocks use the latest in suspension technology, including Teflon® coated surfaces for reduced friction and Bilstein®'s patented digressive valving! Digressive valving provides better control without the harshness normally associated with a performance shock absorber. Best of all, PST's Bilstein® shocks have a black finish - not the loud yellow paint typically found on Bilstein® shocks!

PST offers the ultimate in adjustability with Viking® Smooth Body Shocks. Available in their Warrior line with 19 positions of adjustability or their Voyager line with 22 positions of adjustability. Go from street cruiser to track performer with just a couple of clicks. Order today!