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This may be the best handling upgrade you’ll ever make! GM musclecars are notorious for loose, sloppy steering and the infamous GM “dead zone” in the steering wheel. Now you can achieve precise, commanding steering with this bolt-in solution! The Delphi 670 Power Steering Gear Box utilizes the latest in steering technology, including a rack and pinion style valve and specifically tuned effort characteristics. Kits include steering couplers and power steering hose adapter fittings if necessary.


Power Steering is a performance improvement for any Mopar muscle car to achieve that modern feel and response. Now available through PST from Borgeson is the quick 14:1 ratio power steering box for the 62-82 A, B, C and E-body Mopars. This power conversion box will bolt-in stock location and work with your original pitman arm while maintaining your factory geometry. Whether you are on the road or in a parking lot, response is everything from a comfort standpoint to safety. Take control with PST's Mopar quick ratio power steering box.