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RustSeal is a superior one part, completely non-porous, ready-to-use, high-solid content, rust preventive coating, that is actually strengthened by exposure to moisture. It is impervious to road salts and most every chemical. Flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough coating that is resistant to chipping or scratching. These exceptional properties make RustSeal specifically formulated to prevent corrosion and stop rust. Completely seals metal surfaces, blocks all the pores and prevents penetration of moisture, oxygen and water vapor.

  • Can be applied directly over rust
  • Seals & encapsulates rust and porous surfaces
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Super strong and flexible - hammer tough
  • Highly resistant to most chemicals
  • Compatible with all paint systems

All-In-One Chassis Coater Kit is all the paints and preps you will need to stop rust permanently while giving your chassis a professional look. The final finish will withstand dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.
Kit Includes:

  • Aqua Klean - An industrial strength cleaner & degreaser.
  • RustBlast - A rust remover & zinc phosphate metal prep.
  • RustSeal - A non-porous waterproof, rust preventive sealer.
  • BlackTop - A superior topcoat with unbeatable UV protection & flexibility. Available in gloss black, OEM satin black & flat black.
  • #1 Thinner - Use to thin spray applications and for clean up.
  • Brushes, gloves, stir stick & instructions - the intangibles needed for every project.
  • Will cover 50 sq. ft. - 2 coats of RustSeal, 1 coat of BlackTop.